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On the Ride
The Pennsylvania Environment Ride begins on Friday, May 17, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.* All riders must arrive by 8:30 am on Friday morning. (Crew must arrive in Ephrata, PA on Thursday by 5:00 pm.) About six weeks before the ride, you値l receive a travel packet that will include details on travel options to the start, bike shipping and other logistical details.

Riders will gather on Friday morning for an Amtrak ride from Philadelphia to the ride痴 starting location in Elizabethtown, PA. On the train, local historian Bob Thomas will regale you with stories of the region痴 history; it will truly come alive as you learn about Pennsylvania while the commonwealth passes by. Upon arrival in Elizabethtown, we will regroup for registration, lunch, and a safety talk, followed by a brief opening ceremony. Then you値l enjoy the remainder of the day on your bike! For the next two and a half days you値l ride from the Susquehanna to the Schuylkill, from Amish country to horse country, from rural countryside to busy metropolitan center.

The first day will feature picturesque river towns like Marietta, and includes a scenic covered bridge tour of Lancaster County. You値l stay at a hotel right by Main Street, walkable to our dinner and the downtown area. On Saturday, we will treat you to a metric century tour of country riding, ending at a charming hotel that will be your home for the night. Sunday will begin with a jaunt from town to country and back to town, where you値l connect with our one-day riders and proceed together on and off the Schuylkill River Trail all the way to the Fairmount Waterworks and our gala closing ceremony.

Throughout the weekend your ride will be fully supported. You will meet new friends along the way, take in stunning scenery, and pace yourself on the challenging hills, knowing that every 12-15 miles you'll find an "Oasis." More than a simple pit stop, it's a respite from the road with lots of cheering and a variety of snacks, water and sport drink, toilets, medical assistance, advice on stretching, and bike techs. At midday, we'll feed you a delicious, locally prepared lunch. Our sweep vans have a way of appearing when you need them. In fact, you'll be so well supported that Monday morning will be a rude awakening when the crew is gone and you have to fetch coffee yourself!

Each evening, you値l be welcomed to our hotel by the Hotel Services crew team, who will hand you your gear. From there you値l head to your room; you may pick your roommate or we値l assign you one, if you prefer. At the hotel, we値l all share dinner together. It痴 one of the things that sets the Pennsylvania Environment Ride apart: The opportunity for everyone to eat together in one room and share stories from the road. Our shared stories are the foundation of community a community dedicated to a cleaner environment in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Ride will end with a closing ceremony at the Fairmount Waterworks in center city Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, May 19th. Invite your friends and family to celebrate your accomplishment! You deserve the ovation for a job well done.

* Specific location pending final route approval.