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Each three-day rider commits to raising $2,000 to support the Pennsylvania Environmental Council; each one-day rider, $350. If you've never fundraised before, that can sound daunting, but with a good plan you can do itóand that's what we're here for! We'll give you the tools you need to get organized and inspired:

  • Youíll be assigned a coach, whose job is to be your advocate from the day you sign up. Sit down with her, give her a call or e-mail a question anytime, and your coach will be there for you.
  • Our Fundraising Guide is your step-by-step resource to preparing for the ride. In a succinct, easy-to-follow format, the Fundraising Guide will lay out a strategy to help you exceed your goal. Click Here to download our Fundraising Guide.
  • Our website,, is designed to help you raise as much money as you can. Youíll get your own, customizable web page where your friends can go to donate and where you can track your online donations. Studies have shown that the easier you make it for people, the more theyíll give, and our website makes donating a piece of cake!
  • Regularly scheduled ride previews will tell you all you need to know in one 90-minute workshop. Call us or click here for a current schedule.

Most riders are worried about fundraising when they start, yet our riders are so well supported that a typical rider raises more than 130% of his or her fundraising minimum! Thatís the difference The Pennsylvania Environment Rideís support team can make.